Yamaha Air Filter Kit All SHO/SVHO


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Our WORX Racing Yamaha 1.8 Air filter kit allows maximum airflow to your engine via a Huge 4-inch flame arrestor. Our tapered smooth bore molded silicone hose fits directly onto your Yamaha OEM supercharger front housing for easy installation and our Billet anodised 4 inch air filter bracket is easily secured to the hull in a dry but accessible location.

  • Allows maximum Airflow to your engine removing restrictive OEM paper filter
  • Huge 4-inch Flame arrestor with silicone end cap and stainless binding band idea for saltwater environment J 1928 Approved USCG
  • Billet anodised 4-inch adaptor mounts easily to hull
  • Silicone molded hose the tapers down to suit the supercharger with a smooth internal bore to eliminate any intake turbulence
  • Increased acceleration and overall RPM’s
  • Works great combined with (WR04001) Ribbon Removal for maximum airflow into your engine
  • Race-proven design is a must for and Modified/ Race watercraft
  • Engine Breather filter also provided in the kit

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    Yamaha Air Filter Kit All SHO/SVHO
    Yamaha Air Filter Kit All SHO/SVHO
    Yamaha Air Filter Kit All SHO/SVHO
    Yamaha Air Filter Kit All SHO/SVHO
    Yamaha Air Filter Kit All SHO/SVHO