AMF Protection Pad Steering


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AMF Protection Pad Steering.

The AMF Protection Pad for steering in jet skis like the Kawasaki SXR 15F is a dynamic and essential accessory designed for both safety and performance enhancement. This pad serves multiple functions:

Impact Absorption: It acts as a protective barrier between the rider and the steering assembly. In high-speed maneuvers or in the event of abrupt stops, the pad cushions any potential impact, reducing the risk of injury.

Enhanced Control: The pad is typically made from materials that offer a good grip. This feature is crucial for maintaining control during aggressive turns or when riding in choppy waters. The tactile feedback from the pad allows for more precise steering inputs, which is vital in high-performance jet skiing.

Comfort: During extended rides, the pad provides a comfortable contact point for the rider. This comfort is important in reducing fatigue, allowing for longer, more enjoyable rides without discomfort.

Durability and Resistance: Considering the marine environment in which jet skis operate, the AMF Protection Pad is designed to be resistant to water, UV rays, and salt corrosion. This ensures that the pad remains in good condition over time, maintaining its protective and performance characteristics.

Aesthetic and Customization: Often, these pads come in various designs and colors, allowing for personalization of the jet ski. This adds an aesthetic appeal while also serving its functional purposes.

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Protection Pad Steering
Protection Pad Steering

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