The CMS-Tuned and Built Skis: A Dominating Force at Sebring

Over the weekend, Cabrera Motorsports made an outstanding showing at the Pro Watercross Championship in Sebring, FL. The team achieved a clean sweep on the Pro-Am Ski GP.
Deven Farthing led the charge with a 1/1/2 finish.
David Cabrera, riding a CMS-built Fast Motorsports GP1R, claimed second place with a 2/2/1 finish.
Blaine Spooner, riding a stock SXR, placed an impressive third with a 4/3/3 finish on a Stock Class Kawasaki SXR.
Cabrera Motorsports takes immense pride in supporting racing events at all levels and remains committed to staying ahead of the competition, regardless of event size. "Our podium sweep reflects our unwavering commitment to CMS tunes and builds.


For more information, please contact:
David Cabrera

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