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The CMS-Tuned and Built Skis: A Dominating Force at Sebring

Cabrera Motorsports achieved a sweep of the Pro-Am Ski GP podium at the Pro Watercross Championship held in Sebring, FL.

Over the weekend. Deven Farthing, a team rider, secured the top spot with a 1/1/2 finish. David Cabrera, also a team rider, followed closely with a 2/2/1 finish while racing on a CMS-built Fast Motorsports GP1R. Blaine Spooner had an impressive performance, taking the third spot with a 4/3/3 finish on a stock Class SXR.

Cabrera Motorsports is well-known for supporting racing events of all sizes and is committed to staying ahead of the competition through its high-performance CMS tunes and builds.

Cabrera Motorsports Tunes Achieves Stellar Results at P1 AquaX 2024 Season Opener
Discover how Cabrera Motorsports Tunes significantly impacted Daytona Beach, FL's 2024 P1 AquaX Season Opener. Our expert tuning contributed to sweeping victories in both the Pro and Amateur 300 categories, with top placements across the board. You can learn more about the race-day triumphs and the skilled riders powered by CMS tunes.
Cabrera MotorSports Chosen Once More as the Official Yamaha Tuner for 2024

Cabrera Motorsports: A Legacy of Success with Yamaha in P1 AquaX Racing

Since 2018, Cabrera Motorsports, in partnership with Yamaha, has redefined excellence in the P1 AquaX Racing Series. Together, we've achieved a spectacular series of victories and podium finishes, showcasing our commitment to innovation, performance, and the thrill of competition. From Eric Francis' breakthrough win in 2018 to Dustin Farthing's commanding victory in 2023, our journey has been one of relentless pursuit of excellence.

As we gear up for 2024, we're poised for even greater achievements, building on a strong foundation of success and collaboration with some of the sport's finest athletes and esteemed partners like Broward MotorSport, Farthing Racing, and Jud Motorsports. This synergy amplifies our strengths, driving us toward unprecedented feats in the world of jet ski racing.

Join us as we continue to push the boundaries and celebrate our legacy of racing dominance. For more on our past achievements and future ambitions, visit

The Winning Edge

Unlock the Winning Edge with Cabrera MotorSports

In the realm of competitive racing, where every second is crucial, Cabrera MotorSports stands as your ally for unmatched performance. Specializing in optimal ECU remapping, we provide the power and confidence needed to dominate the competition. Our expertise, honed through years of experience and a deep understanding of engine-ECU dynamics, ensures your Ski performs at its peak.

Our passion for racing and commitment to excellence, coupled with a prestigious client list of watercross racing elites, positions Cabrera MotorSports as the architect of champions. The results speak for themselves: at this year’s Havasu event, our clients not only seized checkered flags and championship titles but also garnered podium finishes and IJSBA honors.

Experience the Cabrera MotorSports difference — where victory is engineered with precision and passion. For more about how we can elevate your performance, visit