Fizzle Core Values:
      Integrity: We won't try to sell you something you don't need, just to make a sale. We are open and honest about our knowledge and experience when it comes to answering your questions about our products and PWC performance in general.
      Humility: We don't claim to know everything or to be better than everybody. Everyone has his or her own skill set and knowledge base/background/expertise. We are always open to positive suggestions and we believe there is always room for improvement.
      Customer Satisfaction: This is our number one aim to achieve throughout our business operations. We would not be able to share our products with the world if it wasn't for our customers and supporters. Your satisfaction is our number one concern: before, during, and after the sale.

      Our Background:
      The owner of the Fizzle Factory, James, has been riding Personal Watercraft since 1998. He became a fulltime hardcore jetski enthusiast in 2005 when he purchased a brand new viper red metallic Sea-Doo RXP. The hobby became a passion shortly after and eventually led to him creating a company to develop and market performance jetski parts.

      James started the Fizzle Factory with his fellow enthusiasts in mind. The main goal of the Fizzle Factory is to provide a quality alternative to high priced products that are offered in the PWC performance parts aftermarket. We do our best to keep costs down so that we can pass the savings on to the end-user, as reflected in the pricing of Fizzle™ products. This principle helps us push forward with our mission; mainly by allowing people to participate in the performance scene where they otherwise would not be able to afford to do so or to provide savings to those who would have purchased the products anyway.

      We strive to continue to contribute now and into the future in making the thrill, excitement, and satisfaction of the sport of Personal Watercraft accessible for the enjoyment of all.

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