O2 Sensor Exhaust Mount Plate for Kawasaki Ultra 250 260 300 310 X LX R Jet Skis

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O2 Sensor Mount Plate for all supercharged Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/300/310 X LX R Jet Skis including:
2007-2008 250X
2009-2010 260X 260LX
2011-2013 300X 300LX
2014-2020 310X 310LX 310R

FINALLY – a reliable way to mount an O2 sensor on a supercharged Ultra! One of the biggest challenges to tuning supercharged Ultras is the very “wet” exhaust inherent to these machines. This makes it impossible to reliably mount an air-fuel-ratio (AFR) O2 sensor in the usual rear elbow as the water vapor kills the typical sensor within minutes. AFR tuning has been next to impossible – until now!

The Impact Racing O2 Sensor Mounting Plate is installed up in between the two halves of the exhaust manifold – much further up the exhaust system away from the sensor killing water vapor, allowing for accurate, responsive, and reliable AFR readings.**O2 sensor service lives of 50+ hours are typical with this mount.** Long no-wake zone idles have no negative effect on the sensor.

The key to its success is small precision-drilled exhaust gas ports that allow dry exhaust gas samples from cylinders 1 and 2 to pulse under pressure into the O2 sensor bung area. This allows for AFR monitoring that is accurate and virtually instant, even during throttle and load changes. The plate is proudly made in the U.S.A. out of aircraft grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum.

If you are making modifications to your engine, your ignition curves, fuel curves or simply want to ensure that your ski is operating properly, you NEED this plate! The bung is sized to work with the Bosch-style sensors typically used for AFR data recording and monitoring applications including Innovate, Dynojet, Motec, and more!

**Proper operation of the plate requires that the head gasket and all exhaust system gaskets be in good order and leak-free, including the head-to-exhaust manifold gasket, the manifold mating gasket(s), and the manifold to downpipe elbow gasket(s).  Three-bond 1211 sealant recommended for installation not included.

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O2 Sensor Exhaust Mount Plate for Kawasaki Ultra 250 260 300 310 X LX R Jet Skis
O2 Sensor Exhaust Mount Plate for Kawasaki Ultra 250 260 300 310 X LX R Jet Skis
O2 Sensor Exhaust Mount Plate for Kawasaki Ultra 250 260 300 310 X LX R Jet Skis