Cabrera MotorSports Chosen Once More as the Official Yamaha Tuner for 2024

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Cabrera Motorsports and Yamaha: Celebrating Six Years of Dominance in P1 AquaX Racing

Since their partnership's inception in 2018, Cabrera Motorsports and Yamaha have set the gold standard in the P1 AquaX Racing Series, consistently delivering unparalleled engine tuning, innovation, and top-tier podium finishes. Their collaboration has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and an unwavering dedication to dominating the competitive world of jet ski racing.

The Cabrera Motorsports-Yamaha alliance began its journey to the top with Eric Francis' spectacular victory in the Pro Class in 2018, setting the stage for a series of remarkable achievements.

In 2021, Chris MacClugage clinched second place in the Pro Class, while Yaniel Fiallo took the Amateur Class by storm, securing a first-place victory.

The 2022 season saw Cabrera Motorsports making history by sweeping the Pro Class podium—Jimmy Wilson took the lead, with Dustin Farthing and Christian Daly right behind him. In the same year, Sammy Nehme showcased an unbeatable performance in the Amateur Class.

Cabrera MotorSports Tunes

Continuing their streak of success, 2023 was highlighted by Dustin Farthing's triumphant return to the top of the Pro Class podium, underlining Cabrera Motorsports' sustained excellence and dominance in the series.

Cabrera MotorSports Tunes

As we venture into 2024, Cabrera Motorsports and Yamaha are geared up for another year of breakthroughs, fueled by a joint commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, performance, and the sheer exhilaration of racing.

Their journey from 2018 to the present serves not only as a testament to their exceptional prowess but also as a foundation for a future rich with potential and victories.

Cabrera Motorsports has been fortunate to collaborate with some of the sport's top athletes, contributing to our shared legacy of success. This synergy has been further enriched by partnerships with leading entities such as Broward MotorSports, Farthing Racing, and Judge Motorsports, enabling us to leverage collective strengths and achieve remarkable feats together.

About Cabrera Motorsports:

Cabrera Motorsports, in partnership with Yamaha, Farthing Racing, and Broward MotorSports, has been a beacon of success in the world of jet ski racing. Through cutting-edge engine tuning and a passion for motorsports, Cabrera Motorsports has become synonymous with excellence and victory on the water.

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