Blowsion Destroyer Sponsons for Superjet 1990-2007 | Yamaha White


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Blowsion Destroyer Sponsons for Superjet 1990-2007 | Yamaha White

Introducing the pinnacle of watercraft performance upgrades - the Blowsion Destroyer Sponsons, specifically designed for the 1990-2007 Yamaha Superjet models. Building upon the legendary success of the original Tubbie sponsons, Blowsion has redefined excellence with this premier sponson design. Aimed at enhancing the already impressive capabilities of your Yamaha Superjet, these Destroyer Sponsons deliver unparalleled performance enhancements.


Unmatched Handling and Stability

The Blowsion Destroyer Sponsons have been meticulously engineered to provide superior handling and stability to your watercraft. Whether you're carving through turns or cutting across choppy water, these sponsons ensure a smoother, more controlled ride, pushing the limits of what you thought was possible.


Sleek Design in Yamaha White

Not only do these sponsons improve performance, but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Superjet. Finished in a sleek Yamaha White, they complement your watercraft's design, adding a touch of sophistication and style.

Upgrade to the Blowsion Destroyer Sponsons and experience the ultimate in watercraft performance and design. Whether for competitive racing or recreational riding, these sponsons offer the improvements you need to lead the pack. Embrace the future of watercraft performance with Blowsion.

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Blowsion Destroyer Sponsons for Superjet 1990-2007 | Yamaha White

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